Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day Ten- Thursday 24th April

Canyon De Chelly view from the top

Canyon De Chelly housed many different people throughout time, starting in 2500-200 BCE with the Archaic people. This canyon provided a source of food and water which made it a bountiful place to live. Artefacts have been found at this site from many different time periods which proves that this site allows everything a good home should have, including shelter from strong weather. Both the Hopi and the Navajo people lived in this canyon; however both Hopi and Navajo had to leave due to conflict. Hopi left the canyon due to “drought, disease, conflict and possibly the allure of ideas from the south” ending their 300 year stay.12 whereas the Navajo were in conflict over land and animals with Spanish colonists and US military parties. The Navajo were murdered by these colonists over Canyon De Chelly, which have continued over time. Canyon De Chelly houses the DinĂ© people without pressure from the U.S to leave, however as the canyon is a National Monument visitors arrive each day to walk down the canyon to get to the bottom where the Navajo live, which could feel quite intrusive. During the evening, the chance to see Monument Valley at sunset was an incredible experience. For a person who has never been to Arizona yet to recognise them is proving that popular culture provides an insight into America and all the special pieces that make America so unique.

12 U.S Department of the Interior, Canyon De Chelly National Monument, National Park Service

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