Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day One- Tuesday 15th April

Las Vegas lights, MGM Grand, New York New York.

Going through US immigration in Minneapolis was an interesting welcome to America. It seemed that the officials were completely thorough with their routine checks and examined all passengers as a threat. My first reaction at entering America was not entirely positive as I felt like they were questioning and watching every step that people took. Within the airport, it was clear that consumerism took place almost immediately. The majority of people at the airport had their tax free goods which sent a message about how people can’t pass up an offer.

When arriving in Las Vegas, it was clear that we were not in a typical airport; slot machines were placed directly in front of the gate. The city makes it difficult to stay away from gambling, it focuses its attention on thinking that people want to put their money into these machines everywhere. The lights of Las Vegas were inescapable; everywhere around you, there are neon lights trying to get people to go to a particular casino, or a particular club. Las Vegas is the city where all inhibitions are thrown away, where near naked women plastered everywhere. This city is ‘Sin City’.1
1 Adam Kealoha Causey, Is modern Las Vegas really ‘Sin City’?, Las Vegas Review- Journal,

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