Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day Eight- Tuesday 22nd April

Vase at Twin Arrows Casino- Traditional Navajo Artwork

America proves to contain masses of differing cultures and histories. From Keyhole Sink where ancient Cohonina petroglyphs are present on the lava covered limestone symbolising their lives in this canyon, to a modern Navajo casino, it is clear that Native Americans are an important part of the history of America. Keyhole Sink is ‘under attack’ from people using graffiti on the previously well preserved site, which people view as an attack on these defenseless areas.10

The Navajo Casino, Twin Arrows is a property owned by the Navajo people, in order to create revenue for their land. However it was clear that it does not do its job properly as there were mainly Navajo gamblers on the gaming floor. The Navajo casino is not generating enough profit from non-Navajo’s which influences the whole Navajo community. Williams uses Route 66 as its selling point, all gift shops sell are Route 66 memorabilia and it is mentioned in most of its’ storefronts. Williams is an interesting small town as there are a diverse range of people owning different styles of stores and restaurants. I feel that it would be a nice place to live however with the amount of tourists that come through and tourists being the main source of income for this town, many jobs would be hospitality or restaurant based.

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