Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day Seven- Monday 21st April

The Grand Canyon- View from the South Rim

The Grand Canyon is truly awesome. The fact that is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide is just a factor in this amazing natural beauty. The bottom of the canyon, at four billion years old, is unimaginable. With around five million visitors per year the Grand Canyon proves to be an important part of the history in America. Humans have been invading on this natural wonder for thousands of years and as the National Park Service website states, “human artefacts are nearly 12,000 years old”.9 it is clear that visitors can enjoy the Grand Canyon on a daily basis just by the view itself. However the intrusion of helicopter flights and man-made materials introduced on trails are somewhat a negative to the sustaining the beauty of this natural wonders of the world.

Many of the visitors we saw immediately took out their phones and cameras to take pictures, instead of witnessing it for themselves first. Many people were looking at their phones instead of taking in the view of the canyon which I found quite sad; many people spend their lives hoping to be able to see the Grand Canyon, but others take it for granted.

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