Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day Six- Sunday 20th April

Bikers on Route 66

The road in America is a significant part of their history. We were able to experience a part of Route 66 which enabled us to see that it is more of a tourist road and many Americans don’t use this as there is a more convenient highway put in place. Route 66 is the epitome of travellers; it has been used for years by people migrating to the West in search of jobs and a better lifestyle. The road is a symbol for America and as Krim suggests “became embedded in the landscape… a historic memory that is worthy of national preservation”.7 However the road itself is not in the greatest condition, it should be preserved but it is not being looked after by the state. John Steinbeck contemplated this road as a symbol of America as it “is the mother road, the road of flight”.8 people who travelled this road were escaping the East in order to look for a new prosperous area to live.
7 Arthur Krim, Route 66: Auto River of the American West, Geographical Snapshots of North America (Donald G. Janelle, 1992) 32.

8 John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath, New York: Viking Press (1939) 126.

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