Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day Four- Friday 18th April

Fremont Street, example of 'in your face' advertisng

America’s love of guns is an oddity to many English people. The right to bear arms is written in the Constitution and many Americans’ feel that the access to guns is a right that they many do not want to change. Within The Gun Store it was obvious that many people who go there bring their own guns and are there to practise shooting. I found it strange to think that this one place is full of weapons even though many other places we visited could have had the same amount of people with weapons on them, and it was not illegal or suspicious for people to have guns.

Red Rock Canyon provided interesting information about the BLM, the Bureau of Land Management, and how they use these natural resources. The BLM is responsible for enabling multiple uses out of public land, for visitors to enjoy it as well as the area be useful for grazing or energy resources. The BLM are responsible for Red Rock Canyon as they are to “protect and improve the area”.5 However it is unsurprising that they cannot manage these areas perfectly due to the amount of rangers; one ranger for every 300 million acres is not sufficient to keep these areas protected. These natural areas however are changing for visitor’s access; man made stairs are put in place in order to climb easier.

Fremont Street is a miniature version of the Las Vegas Strip. This localised area imitates The Strip and promotes all visitors to consume alcohol, gamble and go to strip clubs. Many people dressed up and exposed themselves in order for tips from people. It suggested that this place had a sleazy atmosphere; there was nothing for children or teenagers in this area as the majority of institutions were for people who were over the age limit.

5 U.S Department of the Interior, Welcome to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Bureau of Land Management,

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